Business automation

The Power Platform products are, in our opinion, the most exciting part of Microsoft’s application suite.

Power Automate and Power Apps are the two products we use most when it comes to business automation. Power Apps is used for developing interfaces for staff members to access and record data on their smart devices or simply through a browser. Power Automate is used to carry out the background tasks that Power Apps cannot do which makes these two products a power pair.

At Applecart Digital we love finding elegant and cost-effective solutions to reduce company administrative overheads and improve efficiencies.

Some typical automations we have implemented:

  • Leave request and approvals
  • On-boarding of new employees
  • Annual review reminders & bookings
  • Pre start form or checklist
  • Site inspection
  • Safety induction
  • Site or building audit
  • Risk register
  • Incident register
  • Conflict of interest register
  • Complaints register
  • Asset register

Business automation applications

Replace paper forms and integrate with Power Automate to reduce admin overhead within your business.

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Automate labour intensive repeating processes with Power Automate.

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Create AI-powered bots to supercharge your internal communications.

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