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Applecart Digital has extensive experience in delivering solutions to enable individuals and teams to unify communications, improve collaboration and engagement, and facilitate seamless content sharing practices within their businesses.

Applecart Digital has helped many clients transition to a Digital Workspace using the Microsoft 365 product suite. This journey often starts with ensuring that employees can communicate effectively and have access to content whilst being offsite. Microsoft Teams and SharePoint are the tools we start with when trying to achieve this.

Intranet with SharePoint

We believe a good intranet is an essential tool for a functioning digital workspace. Providing a single source of all information related to the operations of a business will make the intranet the go-to place for all staff. SharePoint is Microsoft’s solution for building easy-to-use, easy-to-manage, and aesthetically pleasing intranets.

To ensure the success of an intranet project we work closely together with key stakeholders to deliver a solution that closely aligns with the business objectives.

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Document management with SharePoint

Document management in SharePoint can be a complex exercise that requires careful planning and consideration. At Applecart Digital we have helped many clients plan, design and execute their document management solutions.

Enhancing SharePoint’s document management capabilities can be done with the help of Power Automate. We have helped businesses automate document review workflows and approval processes which saved countless hours in administrative overhead.

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Collaboration and communication with Teams

Teams is the centerpiece of Microsoft’s collaboration tools, allowing staff to access all required data from a central place and proving easy to use communication whilst being out of the office.

We assist our clients with establishing a good foundation of best practices and configuration as well as training and support for established teams.

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Digital workspace applications by Microsoft

MS Teams is the cornerstone of Microsoft’s digital workspace. Communicate and collaborate from anywhere.

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Centralise data storage with SharePoint as a document management system or for your intranet.

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Automate labour intensive repeating processes with Power Automate.

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No more downloading content. Sync your content and work directly in the cloud from you local machine.

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