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Applecart Digital is offering eligible businesses a free* training session on Microsoft Teams. If you’re on Office 365 you’re already paying for Microsoft Teams, so this is a terrific chance to learn how to improve your internal collaboration and communication and deliver workplace efficiencies.

So why is MS Teams the most talked about innovation in the workplace?

  • It reduce/eliminate internal emails
  • It improve collaboration including document management
  • It provides a central digital workplace (all your tools in one spot) for dispersed workforce

What people take away after the session

  • Overview of how MS Teams works, best practices, tips and tricksx
  • What are connectors, apps and bots and how do they improve teamwork and efficiency
  • How to link several MS Office 365 tools together within Teams
  • 15 minutes of question time around your specific requirements


Office365 productivity suite

*Free demos are subject to availability and a fee may apply for business outside of the Greater Brisbane Area. Please contact our office to find out more.

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